Vascular Access Centers, LP celebrates 10 years and over 160,000 patient encounters

vac-10years-logoVascular Access Centers, LP, the largest independent integrated group of vascular access centers in the country, is excited to announce its 10-year anniversary as the leading provider of endovascular outpatient care.



Peripheral Arterial Disease and the CKD Patient: The Case for Early Screening, Diagnosis, and Minimally Invasive Revascularization

thumb_padartPeripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a general term used to describe obstructive atherosclerosis of the lower extremities. PAD occurs when cholesterol or plaque builds up in the arteries outside the heart—typically in the legs or pelvis—limiting normal blood flow and increasing the risk of heart attack or stroke. PAD is more common in patients with chronic kidney disease than in the general population. Patients with impaired renal function have a greater than twofold risk of developing PAD, and in the dialysis population, the incidence of clinical PAD is 15%. We discuss the importance of early screening and diagnosis of this serious circulatory problem, and include a checklist that any member of the renal team can use to discuss symptoms with patients.


Dr. Jorge Salazar: Interventional Radiologist at the VAC of Memphis Speaks About Peripheral Arterial Disease

DrSalazarVascularAccessCheck Out Dr. Jorge Salazar, Interventional Radiologist at the VAC of Memphis, on Fox 13 in Memphis! In this segment, Dr. Salazar takes some time out of his busy morning to visit with the local station to talk about Peripheral Arterial Disease. Click here to take a look.