Central Venous Access


At Vascular Access Centers, we place central venous access catheters in your arm or chest for your long term needs. These types of central venous catheters (Chest and Arm Ports) can be used for antibiotics, chemotherapy and nutrition support as well. The advantage of these types of catheters is that they are placed under the skin and are not easily noticeable. To learn more about Chest and Arm Ports, please visit www.portadvantage.com

We also provide Tunneled Catheter placement for nutrition support, antibiotics and chemotherapy, in addition to placement of catheters for Long term Antibiotic therapy from infections related to procedures. We also do this for nutrition support for Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), Peripheral Parenteral Nutrition (PPN) and for patients needing central venous access for Chemotherapy usage. We can place PICC lines, both single and dual lumen, Tesio Catheters, Hickman Catheters as well as quickly repair/replace catheters if there is a problem.



A major challenge in the management of dialysis patients is dealing with central venous stenosis and obstruction. Placement of central venous catheters has been shown to result in a high incidence of central venous occlusion.  Treatment options include percutaneous balloon angioplasty and stenting. Unfortunately, all the available treatment options have variable rates of patency, often requiring repeated intervention, and success rates in recanalization may be low.