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About VAC

VAC physicians combine 50 decades of experience with state of the art technology to provide the highest quality vascular care.

At Vascular Access Centers our mission  is to improve our patients' lives through clinical excellence and unparalleled service. We  achieve enhanced patient care by offering expedient service by a specialized team of professionals whose focused attention and dedication leads to optimal clinical outcomes and technical successes. Our physicians are among the nations' leaders in vascular access and endovascular care.

Vascular Access Centers provide comprehensive dialysis access maintenance including thrombectomy/thrombolysis, fistulagrams, fistula maturation procedures, vessel mapping, central venous occlusion treatment and complete catheter services.

Our centers offer an alternative setting for a wide spectrum of vascular interventional procedures, including central venous access for oncology, nutritional and medication delivery, venous insufficiency (including venous ulcer/non-healing ulcer treatments), peripheral arterial disease (PAD), limb salvage, uterine fibroid embolization and pain management.

Our team of Interventional Physicians and specialized staff is dedicated to the care and treatment of each patient based on individual history and needs. We are experts at handling all aspects of vascular care with specialized focus on the continued function, preservation and restoration of your access, as well as lower extremity vascular interventions.Our physicians are among the nation's leaders in vascular technology holding over 30 issued and more than 100 pending patents, including the Hemo-Stream Dialysis Catheter and the ProLumen Thrombectomy Device.

VAC physicians are Board Certified and of the highest skill level, with over 50 decades of experience in procedures related to the preservation of dialysis accesses, full-service arterial and venous therapies, and limb salvage. Physicians practicing within the VAC framework have the resources and support to improve patients' lives, and speak and publish articles nationally on current issues in nephrology and vascular care...

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