Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Clinical Services

Peripheral Arterial Disease Treatment/PAD Treatments

Your Lifestyle with PAD

Once you have been diagnosed with PAD, there are several treatment options you and your doctors at the Vascular Access Center can discuss and explore. Often PAD can be treated with lifestyle modification. Smoking cessation and a structured exercise program are often all that is needed to alleviate symptoms and prevent further progression of the disease.

Treatment Options for PAD

Angioplasty and stenting

Interventional radiologists pioneered angioplasty and stenting, which was first performed to treat peripheral arterial disease. Using imaging for guidance, the interventionalist threads a catheter through the femoral artery in the groin to the blocked artery in the legs. Then he or she inflates a balloon to open the blood vessel where it is narrowed or blocked. In some cases this is then held open with a stent, a tiny metal cylinder. This is a minimally invasive treatment that does not require surgery, just a nick in the skin the size of a pencil tip.


Atherectomy is a PAD treatment procedure that utilizes a catheter with a sharp blade on the end to remove plaque from a blood vessel. The catheter is inserted into the artery through a small puncture in the artery, and it is performed under local anesthesia. The catheter is designed to collect the removed plaque in a chamber in the tip, which allows removal of the plaque as the device is removed from the artery. The process can be repeated at the time the treatment is performed to remove a significant amount of disease from the artery, thus eliminating a blockage from atherosclerotic disease.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)Treatment ~ If you have PAD, you may be experiencing symptoms of ED as well

One of VAC’s unique services is to evaluate men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Erectile Dysfunction can occur for many reasons such as the side effect from medications, hormonal imbalances, neurologic conditions etc. If your Erectile Dysfunction is caused by Vascular Disease, diabetes, high cholesterol or trauma we may be able to help. Using our minimally invasive technology, we can assess the circulation to the penis during an arteriogram and possibly restore or improve the flow of circulation to the penis during a procedure called an angioplasty.

This procedure is done at our outpatient facility. We place a catheter into the artery at your groin to locate the blockage that may be compromising normal blood flow through your pudendal artery, which is the main artery supplying blood to the penis. You will receive discreet care while having this procedure. You can receive medications that will control any discomfort and relieve your anxiety. Once completed, you will recover for a brief period and be sent home. You could notice results almost immediately.

Limb Salvage as a PAD Treatment

Limb salvage procedures are designed to open narrowed vessels and/or remove plaque in affected areas through minimally invasive techniques that aim to prevent the need for amputation.  The experts at Vascular Access Centers will conduct a consult and diagnostic study for you in order to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for this procedure. We believe that our limb salvage procedure will open the door to a quality of life you didn’t realize was available to you! 

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